Two workshops are taking place these days at the “Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt” in Braunschweig, Germany. The topics are

The idea is to serve as a networking event for the German quantum technology community, both from science as well as industry, and to collect input towards a “quantum competence” center, which is now being established at the German national metrology institute PTB.

InfiniQuant was invited to give a talk on the practical challenges for a startup project hosted in the field of quantum cryptography. The program of the first workshop can be summarized:

  • Tutorials on quantum technologies (q. mechanics, q. metrology, atomic q. systems, photonic q. systems, solid-state q.-systems and electrical q.-metrology)
  • Block 1: Clocks, time and frequency
  • Block 2: Electrical quantum metrology
  • Block 3: Atom interferometry and geodesics
  • Block 4: Single photon metrology and quantum cryptography

The second workshop has just started and will have the following program:

  • Tutorials on quantum communication (Q.-information, Q.-cryptography, Hardware components)
  • Industry contributions (QKD as a network operator; The price of security/QKD; Optical precision measurements for  q.-technology; Space-based, global q.-communication)
  • Quantum technology and the German Security Agency (BSI)
  • Industrial requirements on networks (QRANGE project (Bosch), Cyber-Secruity and q.-technology)
  • Activities of the flagship
  • Panel discussion

Both events help the German quantum community further grow and connect, especially now in times of world-wide quantum flagship activities.