The yearly photonic days of Berlin and Brandenburg took place in mid October this year. With them, a special symposium on “Photonics for secure and high speed communication” was held, for which the program can be found here. As part of the symposium, the current state of the art of quantum communication was discussed. InfiniQuant was invited to present the status of continuous-variable quantum key distribution in this exciting session with the following talks:

  • Dr. Janik Wolters from University of Basel: “Quantum repeaters – the backbone of secured communication”
  • Prof. Dr. Ronald Freund from Fraunhofer HHI in Berlin: “Quantum-Secured German Internet”
  • Imran Khan, InfiniQuant/MPL Erlangen: “Commercializing continuous-variable quantum key distribution”

A common denominator of the session was the European Quantum Flagship, which currently offers many possibilities to push basic research towards real world applications. The potential for innovation in quantum technologies is high and the InfiniQuant team is actively participating in what is called “the second quantum revolution”.