The 7th International Conference on Quantum Cryptography (QCRYPT) is being in held in Cambridge this year. The event is taking place from September 18 to 22. InfiniQuant is presenting its project status at the industry exhibition, showing off the current work done with satellites, ground stations and fiber-based research on quantum communication. We are also showcasing a fun “classical security contest” in the form of lockpicking our gummy bear filled Alice and Bob boxes!

With the conference, we have also introduced a new community section on our website. The idea is that quantum communication is a very interdisciplinary field and requires both a broad knowledge of different fields, like quantum mechanics, computer science and engineering, but also deep knowledge to get the security aspects right. As such, we see this as an opportunity to form a common knowledge basis that can be used and nourished by the scientific community to understand the current state of the art of the field. We believe that a clear understanding of the facts can only be developed in collaboration between experts from their respective fields.

So far the section features an overview of the status of security proofs for quantum key distribution distinguished by the assumptions used in them and an incomplete publication database that is meant to be filled over coming months to reflect all key parameters relevant for quantum key distribution in a filterable and searchable way.