The European Conference on Optical Communication 2018 was held in Rome at the end of September. A special workshop day preceded the conference on Sunday the 23rd. Session #6 was dedicated to quantum communications for secure optical networks. InfiniQuant was invited and presented the current activities in continuous-variable quantum key distribution. What was especially interesting is that the quantum workshop was hosted on a telecommunications conference, indicating the unification of the two scientific fields. This shows that quantum technologies is getting even closer to a real world technology like telecommunication.

See the program below to get an idea of the diverse range of topics that were addressed:

Session 1: Quantum communications for secure optical networks – Part 1

Paolo Mantaloni University of Rome, Italy
Title: “Integrated photonics devices for quantum communications”

Charles (Ci Wen) Lim National University of Singapore, Singapore
Title: “How to gain more trust in quantum hardware used for quantum cryptography? ”

Romain Alléaume Télécom ParisTech Paris, France
Title: “Combining quantum and computational approaches to upgrade secure networks”

Hugo Zbinden Université de Genève, Switzerland
Title: “Fast and simple Quantum Key Distribution for secure optical communication”

Norbert Lütkenhaus University of Waterloo, Canada
Title: “Key and network management for QKD trusted node networks”

Vicente Martin Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Title: “The integration of quantum communications in novel networks”

Imran Khan / Christoph Marquardt Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light,  Germany
Title: “Commercialising continuous-variable quantum key distribution”


Session 2: Quantum communications for secure optical networks – Part 2

Yibo Zhao Zhejiang Quantum Technologies Co. Ltd, China
Title: “Three layer architecture for quantum key distribution network in practice and a necessary secret key cloud”

Zhao Yong QuantumCTek Co, China
Title: “Quantum safe integrated communication network in China”

Andrew Lord British Telecom, UK
Title: “Integration of QKD into telecom networks”

Andreas Poppe Huawei Technolgies, Germany
Title: “Integration of CV-QKD in optical networks”

Sean Kwak SK telecom, South Korea
Title: “Quantum communication network in South Korea”

Grégoire Ribardy ID Quantique SA, Switzerland
Title: “Practical Applications of Quantum Key Distribution”